9 LED Work Light – Flood Beam

9 LED Work Light – Flood Beam

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One of Blacktips’ most popular lights is the 9 LED Flood Beam Work Light, due to its versatility, crisp spread of light and multiple applications.

Producing 7200 raw lumens and 5734 effective lumens, the 60 degree angle on the LED lens creates will clearly illuminate a space approximately 40 metres wide and up to 80 metres from the light source.

This spread beam not only makes it perfect for lighting work spaces on the side of a truck, utility vehicles, cranes and emergency vehicles, but also many other industrial applications.

Each unit includes nine, 7 watt Cree LEDs in a 3×3 combination, draws 5.9A and outputs a light colour temperature of 5700 kelvin; similar to the brightness of the midday sun. This is important because your eyes work more efficiently at night time in this brightness and helps to prevent fatigue.

Importantly, the 9 LED Flood Beam Work Light, as with all Blacktips lights, has been designed for flexibility, simplicity and longevity. Their functional design includes easy installation and adjustment with either the supplied trunnion or single bolt bracket offering four mounting configurations. The lights have built in reverse polarity protection, electronic thermal management and are vibration tested to 21 Grms.

Should the light be subjected to a massive heat overload, integrated electronic thermal management initiates a self-protection protocol to reduce the light output until the temperature returns to a normal range.

The 9 LED Work Light is also available in a narrow beam variant for projecting light up to 180m. For more information on the range, please click here.